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Aster International is a chain of Aster DM Healthcare, one of the largest and fastest growing healthcare groups. Aster DM was established in the year 1987 and is famous for rendering quality healthcare and relevant experience to all domestic and international patients. It is one of the leading medical tourism facilitators in India. With a global network of 19 hospitals, 101 clinics and 207 pharmacies, we serve more than 10 million patients every year in 9 different countries.

Every year, a large number of patients travelling from various countries seek treatment at Aster DM Healthcare. The cornerstone of Aster International's legacy is to focus on clinical excellence, affordable spending, technology, and future research.

With highly skilled and experienced doctors, the hospital is equipped with advanced scanning machines to aid in diagnosis. We provide high-end services with world-class technology and specialists.

Aster International is designed with the sole objective to facilitate international patients and provide comprehensive care during their stay. In addition to the great comfort and care, Aster International also offers various unique services to fulfil the unique requirements and needs of their patient.

Regardless of your concerns related to your medical history and the relatives who live with you, our international representatives are here to help you find a suitable hotel near the hospital or cover for the relevant international insurers. Right from the time of arrival to your hospital stay and departure, we render a range of value-adds under one roof.

Healthcare is a fundamental right and deciding the best hospital for your loved ones could be a tough decision. In Indian healthcare, only some of the best hospitals provide high-end services with world-class technology and specialists. According to CRISIL, India is a fast emerging country for Medical Tourism and is highly competitive in terms of cost-efficiency.

Aster Hospitals across the country are able to provide the unparalleled treatment and services, at affordable costs, licensed by the National Accreditation Board for hospitals & healthcare (NABH) and some others authorized by the Joint Commission International (JCI).

How Did it Start?

Aster DM Healthcare was established in the year 1987, by Dr Azad Moopen, a pioneer in providing quality healthcare. It's headquartered in Dubai, and with 30 years of excellence in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Dr Moopen decided to extend his services to the Indian subcontinent.

Aster DM healthcare network encompasses more than 21 hospitals, 113 clinics, 219 pharmacies, 17886 employees and 1500+ doctors.

In India, Aster chain of hospitals is the continuation of Aster DM Healthcare and dedicated to providing world-class treatment. Aster Medcity is a tertiary care centre in Kochi, one of the largest Multispeciality Hospital in South India. The Medcity is a combination of medical technology and a pool of talent to provide holistic treatment with a multidisciplinary approach. Aster Medcity is a JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation healthcare and licensed at an early stage.

Aster Healthcare is known for its talent pool and has the best healthcare professionals across the country. Healthcare technology continues to advance rapidly, and it's cutting-edge technology is efficient and impactful. Aster DM Healthcare provides advanced technology to ensure patient safety and cost-effectiveness.

The natural phenomenon at the hospital is 'wait', and Aster has implemented formulated strategies and 'Zero waiting hours for patients' policy.

The services at Aster International are intended to make your stay as satisfactory and trustworthy as possible.

Dr Azad Moopen being awarded the Padma Shri Award

Dr Azad Moopen being awarded the Padma Shri Award by former Indian President Smt. Prathibha Patil, 2011